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Publisher description

A practical realistic and fast approach to learning words and phrases in French, using a combination of sophisticated testing and simple games allowing you the freedom to learn at work, at home and on the move. Recognizing the time constraints that many people are under and that fluency is not a practical goal for most of us, Linguata provides an alternative solution which is to learn words and phrases, the building blocks of language, using a combination of sophisticated testing and simple games. Linguata enables you to learn in a modern way through: Customized learning which gives you the freedom to develop at your own pace and in a manner that suits you. Practical language content. Create your own language lists which are relevant to you and create the right impression in a business, holiday or travel environment. Stimulating and varied learning methods which together help you learn language quickly and retain it for longer. Intelligent testing designed to pin-point and target areas which need improving allowing you to spend more time learning.

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